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Sending MDPX Conduit Metrics to Datadog

· One min read

In our efforts to enhance customer experience on the MDPX Platform, we've focused on increasing visibility into our application executions.

Customers can now seamlessly transmit their application metrics to Datadog, enabling them to monitor their applications in real-time, establish alerts within Datadog based on these metrics, and effectively track the performance of their application pipelines.

As shown in the example below, customers can chart and monitor their application as data is processed.

Datadog Metrics - durations of connector execution

To start, please refer to our documentation on Metrics in Datadog

We appreciate your continued support and feedback as we continue to enhance the platform.

Introducing the Conduit Platform

· 2 min read

As part of our commitment to empowering teams with real-time data streaming, we are excited to announce the next iteration of our platform.

The Conduit Platform has been completely rebuilt with Conduit at its core, offering the same performance, scalability, and usability as our Conduit open-source offering—including access to over 100 connectors maintained by the open-source community.

Customers using the Conduit Platform will benefit from the cellular architecture of our new platform tenants. This guarantees better performance, complete data isolation, and reduced system disruption compared to the prior shared data plane model. This allows us to ship features more quickly and directly to our customers.

Additionally, we've heard from many of our customers that they want to leverage the utility of Conduit without wrestling with YAML configurations and bespoke code. We have redesigned our dashboard to enable customers to build end-to-end real-time data applications without needing to write any code.

We have also built more features for teams, including basic access controls, secrets management, and single sign-on, with many more features to come.

What does this mean for existing customers?

Operations on the old platform will cease in the next 30 days. Existing customers have been notified in advance to start winding down their data applications and prepare for migration to the new platform.

All new customers onboarded from the beginning of 2024 have been automatically onboarded onto the Conduit Platform, and no action is required on their part.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback as we continue to enhance the platform.