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Welcome to Meroxa's Conduit Platform. Our documentation will introduce you to the platform and walk you through building real-time data applications without coding or learning new frameworks or runtimes.

Conduit Platform

The Conduit Platform is fully-managed and automatically scales to meet the demands of real-time data applications, allowing teams to focus on building and delivering critical business data outcomes without the need to manage infrastructure.

The platform offers a variety of features tailored to meet the security and compliance needs of diverse teams, including startups, highly-regulated enterprises, and government agencies.

Platform features

  • Deployment modes: Meroxa-managed, Self-hosted, and Air-gapped (on prem and bare metal).
  • Support for Conduit data applications and extensibility to other industry leading data processing application frameworks and runtimes.
  • Access to 100 pre-built connector plugins with additional support to accept any custom connector plugin created with the Conduit SDK.
  • Secrets
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Access controls

And many more...


Conduit is the data integration tool powering the Conduit Platform. Teams can use Conduit connector plugins to move data to and from any data system in real-time.

Connector plugins built with Conduit communicate via a gRPC interface and can be written in any language so long as they conform to the required interface. This means developers can leverage the Conduit SDK to extend the connectivity of their Conduit Platform to any data system required, including bespoke connectors for homegrown systems.

If you're not a developer, no need to worry! We've made the platform easy and accessible to use, regardless of your technical ability.

Not sure where to begin? Please contact us directly. Our team is happy to provide technical services support.

What's next?

Now that you've been acquainted with the Conduit Platform and Conduit, check out the Quickstart guide to get your very own Conduit Platform.