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Meroxa is a data application platform where developers can run their Turbine applications. Meroxa handles the underlying streaming infrastructure so that developers can focus on building their applications.

Turbine applications start with an upstream resource. Once that upstream resource is connected, Meroxa will handle streaming the data into the Turbine application for execution.

Turbine Application Framework

Turbine is an application framework for building event-driven data applications that respond to data in real-time and scale using cloud-native best practices. No bespoke domain-specific language (DSL) or patterns. Write Turbine data apps your way using Go, Javascript, Python, or Ruby.

You can even see how your app reacts to data by running your Turbine data applications locally—we show you exactly what will happen in Production, but with scale and speed.

Ready to get started building your first Turbine data application? Read up on how to get started.