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· 2 min read

Our Meroxa CLI version v2.20.0 includes the newest versions of the Turbine SDKs for Go, Javascript, and Python.

Already deployed apps and newly initialized apps will not require any changes, but if you would like to re-deploy or re-run any existing Turbine apps with this CLI version, you will have to make some updates to your application.

Due to the updated versions of the Turbine SDKs, you should notice speed ups with app initialization times as well as deploying times ⚡️ thanks to the following changes:

  • Refactored logic that centralizes common functionality from the SDK using gRPC
  • Reduced the amount of 'moving parts' and intermediate communication between the SDKs and CLI
  • Significantly reduced dependencies for turbine-js

These speed ups will vary depending on your language, for example javascript apps now initialize and deploy ~10 seconds faster.