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Improving turbine-js function ergonomics

· 2 min read

Our latest Meroxa CLI version v2.4.0 includes one fix and two improvements to turbine-js based data apps that improve developer ergonomics and reduce boilerplate:

  • Added an unwrap transform, allowing users to optionally unwrap CDC formatted records in their data app and send them along to destinations. As a side-effect, this also fixes MySQL -> fn -> PG data apps.

  • Added get and set methods to individual records which allows users to read and write data on the record regardless of the underlying format

Here are some details:

Introducing Turbine transforms (flatten)

· 2 min read

As a team solely focused on developer tools, we're always looking for ways to improve the developer experience, increase productivity and reduce friction.

With that in mind, the Turbine Go library recently introduced built-in transforms to bake in commonly use transform functionality.

As of this post, the transforms package includes two transforms, flatten and unwrap.

Automation to run the latest and a new config set command

· 3 min read

Our latest Meroxa CLI version v2.2.0 includes two improvements we hope will make your development with our Meroxa Platform even more exciting:

  • Meroxa CLI will start automatically warning you about newer versions.
  • A new config set command to make your Meroxa CLI configuration easier to manage.

Additionally, we have released some other changes to ensure you're running our latest changes for Turbine Go and CLI:

Here are some details: