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Spire Maritime AIS

· One min read

Customers can now stream maritime vessel tracking data directly from Spire Maritime AIS to Turbine apps on the Meroxa Platform.

Connect to Spire Maritime AIS by creating a resource via the Meroxa Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can create a resource via the Meroxa CLI with the following command:

meroxa resource create my-spire-ais \
--type spire_maritime_ais \

A valid API token generated by the Spire AIS team is required to successfully create a resource to stream maritime vessel tracking data to any Turbine app on the Meroxa Platform. If you ever need to update your API token, the command would look like the following example:

meroxa resource update my-spire-ais \
--token $NEW_API_TOKEN

See the Spire Maritime AIS Resource Documentation for more information on how to use Spire Maritime AIS in your Turbine application.

This integration supports the latest Spire Maritime 2.0 GraphQL API. Legacy APIs are not supported by Meroxa.

🚀 This is one of the many data integrations we're adding to the Platform. If there is a resource you would like to see, opt-in to any of our upcoming resources. You can also contact us directly at [email protected] or by joining our Discord community!