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Deploy Turbine Applications from feature branches

· 2 min read

Meroxa CLI version 2.8.0 introduces feature branch deploys, enabling software engineers to incorporate the process of building their Turbine Applications into their development lifecycle: Development -> Testing -> Staging -> Production (main or master branch).

By default, Meroxa assumes that Turbine Applications deployed from main or master branches represent the production version of the application. With the introduction of feature branch deploys, separate Turbine Applications can be deployed from any branch alongside the production application.

# Name of Turbine Applications deployed from feature branches consist of the name of feature branch appended to the application name
# Note the production application test-go, and its version deployed from the branch testing-branch

$ meroxa apps ls
====================================== ======================== ========== ========================================== =========
5f32af4a-e354-442b-9009-ea9ad9df4e68 test-go golang 218daaa69187f5dfa6034a4c5096de94a42ddf9c running

888e5f3c-318f-4f20-aa5e-6ccb510e9380 test-go-testing-branch golang 8ec840182f41f46f1e410e905b3cc5c497f19dc2 running

This CLI version also includes collection validation:

  • In the case where engineers are testing various iterations of their Turbine Application, downstream collection validation prevents customers from accidentally writing to their production destination collection.
  • If a Turbine Application references a source resource collection that is the same as the destination resource collection in their application, the deploy process will fail with a validation error. This validation prevents accidental looping in Turbine Applications.

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