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Fig users can now get autocomplete for all Meroxa CLI commands

· One min read

Any user who has Fig installed will be able now to get autocomplete for all Meroxa CLI commands.

At Meroxa, Developer Experience is one of our highest values, and providing support for the best tools or workflows available is always a priority for us.

Autocompletion in the CLI has always been available since we launched thanks to Cobra's support via the meroxa completion command, but the Fig experience makes autocomplete that much better.

With the launch of Fig, the possibility to offer our users a better experience became available. It was as simple as providing a spec that would let the magic happen.

Since we care about automation, this spec will be automatically generated via this GitHub action on every new CLI release.

To start taking advantage of this, you'll need to install Fig, and interacting with our CLI will start looking like this:

For any questions or comments: