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Improving Turbine Application Init output

· 2 min read

The Meroxa CLI version v2.5.0 release includes one bug fix, comment updates, and one enhancement to the meroxa apps init command.

Here are some details:

The bug prevented a user from successfully deploying a Turbine Application with an underscore in the name. This is no longer a limitation. Today, an application name must start with a letter, be alphanumeric, and otherwise only contain dashes and underscores.

The comment update relates to initializing new Golang Applications. Now, you can copy the ResourceConfig example directly from the comments when wanting to specify a custom config for reading from or writing to a Resource.

   //  turbine.ResourceConfigs{{Field: "buffer.flush.time", Value: "10"}}

Lastly, this version of the Meroxa CLI has formatting improvements and more helpful information around a warning when initializing a new Golang Application. The formatting improvements bring this command in line with the other commands as far as having progress spinners and status markers. Also, if your Application fails to fully initialize, you are provided with a link to remedies for this case.

$ meroxa apps init --lang go --path ~/ will-not-fully-init
✔ Application directory created!
⚡ /home/me/will-not-fully-init is not under $GOPATH/src; skipping go module initialization
For guidance, visit
✔ Git initialized successfully!
Turbine Data Application successfully initialized!
You can start interacting with Meroxa in your app located at "/home/me/will-not-fully-init".
Your Application will not be visible in the Meroxa Dashboard until after deployment.