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Deleting Turbine Data Applications from the Dashboard

· One min read

Turbine Data Applications can now be deleted via the dashboard.

In addition to the CLI command meroxa apps remove, you can now delete a Turbine Data Application from the Meroxa Dashboard in just a few clicks.

Visit the Application overview and use the Delete application action from the Application detail preview of any of your deployed Turbine Data Applications:

Meroxa Dashboard: User Flow for Deleting a Turbine Data Application from the Dashboard from the Application Overview

Alternatively, you can also delete your app instances from the Application detail view instead:

Meroxa Dashboard: Delete Application Action in the detail view of a Turbine Data Application

Read more about how to remove your Turbine Data Applications in our documentation.

Finally, if you have any questions or comments or if there is something else you'd love to see, email us at [email protected]!