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Python Turbine apps in Beta

· One min read

We are excited to announce Python as a fully supported language for Turbine data applications. The release of [turbine-py 1.0.7( introduces core functionality, stability improvements, and bug fixes:

  • Secrets can be passed into Turbine Processes.
  • Processes can be defined across multiple files with automatic import of dependencies at runtime.
  • Resource availability validation on meroxa app deploy.
  • Added interface for unwrapping change data capture (CDC) records.
  • Improved sample fixtures with documentation.
  • Improved logging for support debugging purposes.
  • Automated publishing of turbine-py to
  • Enhanced internal testing for turbine-py.
  • Bug fix: Stabilized variable typing around internal Platform API responses.
  • Bug fix: Production mode no longer requires development environment variables.
  • Bug fix: Tables can now be specified for the downstream resource using SQL Server connector.
  • Bug fix: JSON marshalling issue from GRPC server requests to Turbine.