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Automation to run the latest and a new config set command

· 3 min read

Our latest Meroxa CLI version v2.2.0 includes two improvements we hope will make your development with our Meroxa Platform even more exciting:

  • Meroxa CLI will start automatically warning you about newer versions.
  • A new config set command to make your Meroxa CLI configuration easier to manage.

Additionally, we have released some other changes to ensure you're running our latest changes for Turbine Go and CLI:

Here are some details:

Automatic dependency upgrade for Turbine Go

We recently launched Turbine, and feature development has only just begun. To ensure our lifecycle development is smooth between dependencies, for any change made in Turbine Go that's merged to the main branch (e.g.: turbine-go#48), there will be automatically a new pull-request (e.g.: cli#366) open in our CLI repository upgrading this dependency to ensure users interacting with Turbine via our Meroxa CLI benefit from any change.

CLI nightly Builds

To ensure those latest changes are ready to use on any platform without having to wait for the next production release, we have made sure to provide nightly builds to our releases page. This follows a similar pattern we have used for Conduit which is greatly explained in this Blog Post

Warning on newer CLI versions available

Prior to v2.2.0, in order to see if a newer version of our CLI was available users had to either check the latest release in our GitHub repository, or try brew upgrade meroxa and see if something new was available. We thought that was not ideal, and that we could do better. At Meroxa, we love automation when possible, and we implemented a way to warn users when a newer version is available to use.

These checks will be run on any command you execute once per week, and its output looks like the following:

$ meroxa whoami 
[email protected]

🎁 meroxa v2.2.0 is available! Update it by running: `brew upgrade meroxa`
🧐 Check out latest changes in
💡 To disable these warnings, run `meroxa config set DISABLE_NOTIFICATIONS_UPDATE=true`

To ensure this doesn't break any possible integration, these warnings won't appear when using the --json flag.

New config set command

Finally, because we also want to make things easier for you, with v2.2.0, we've introduced a new config set command that will let you easily change your Meroxa Configuration. Here is one of the examples:

$ meroxa config set debug=true
Updating your Meroxa configuration file with "DEBUG=true"...

Setting DEBUG=true in your configuration file is equivalent to use the flag --debug on every command. This is useful if you want to see the trace of any request you make to our platform via our Meroxa CLI.

You can always inspect the content of your Meroxa Configuration file by running meroxa config describe

For any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or reach out to us on Twitter.