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Meroxa CLI v2.1.0 - Python3 support and making contributing easier

· 2 min read

Today we're releasing version v2.1.0 of the Meroxa CLI, which includes python3 support for Turbine and additional UX improvements:

Python3 support for Turbine apps

We added python3 to the list of our supported languages when building Turbine apps.

Previously, a newly generated Turbine-Py app would need to be operated on python2 exclusively, but moving forward, you can now create either a python3 or a regular python2 app during the initialization step:

# Create a python3 app
meroxa apps init pietimes3 --lang python3

# Create a python2 app (default)
meroxa apps init piedefault --lang python

To learn more about how you can create a Turbine-Py app, please check out our documentation.

More user and developer experience improvements

With this release users will be able to see a more descriptive message on how to interact with their Turbine app after a successful deployment.

Finally, contributors to both the CLI and TurbineJS can now easily setup their local development environment by setting the MEROXA_USE_LOCAL_TURBINE_JS environment variable to true on their machine. You can read more about the required setup and how to contribute by following this guide.

Last, but not least

You can upgrade to this release following the instructions in our installation guide).

If you have any questions or feedback for us, let us know via e-mail at [email protected] or reach out to us on Twitter!