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CLI built from source includes more information

· 2 min read

With Meroxa CLI version v2.0.2, if you're running a CLI built from source, you should expect to see exactly what git commit sha you are running and some extra information.

Something we've heard from adventorous customers who prefer running our Meroxa CLI from source is that when running meroxa version, it wasn't clear whether they were running an old binary or not. This became even more relevant with our recent Turbine launch.

We always want to make sure new bug fixes and features are part of their CLI versions so we made the following change to make that feedback loop smoother.

For context, before v2.0.2, when doing meroxa version you would see the followiing:

$ make install
$ meroxa version
meroxa/dev darwin/amd64

You can tell that meroxa/dev isn't that helpful, is it? After v2.0.2, this is what you should see:

$ make install
$ meroxa version
meroxa/dev:687dcea v2.0.2 darwin/amd64

The first part after dev: will indicate the commit git commit sha you are running. After that, it should indicate the closest git tag this commit associated with, and (updated) in case you made local changes on top of an existing commit.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at or reach out to us on Twitter.