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Meroxa CLI v2.0.0 (Beta)

· 2 min read

With Meroxa CLI version v2.0.0, we're introducing a new set of commands to operate with Turbine Data Applications, and we're also deprecating the ones that won't apply going forward. New commands are:

  • apps deploy to deploy a Turbine Data Application.
  • apps describe to inspect more information about your Turbine Data Application.
  • apps init to initialize a new Turbine Data Application locally in the language of your choice.
  • apps list to list all your available Turbine Data Applications.
  • apps remove to remove a Turbine Data Application.
  • apps run to run locally a Turbine Data Application.
  • build describe to inspect a Meroxa Process Build.
  • build logs to a Meroxa Process Build's Logs.

If you want to read more about the Turbine Data Applications Beta check out the beta overview. If you wanted to get started building your first Turbine Data Application, check out our documentation to get started.

As we move onto a new way to operate with our Meroxa Platform with Turbine Data Applications, we're deprecating the following commands on Meroxa's CLI:

$ meroxa connect
$ meroxa connectors create
$ meroxa connectors describe
$ meroxa connectors list
$ meroxa connectors remove
$ meroxa pipelines create
$ meroxa pipelines describe
$ meroxa pipelines update

To get the latest on the CLI, check out the Installation Guide.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at or reach out to us on Twitter.