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Changes on connector commands

· One min read

With Meroxa CLI version v1.3.0, we're introducing some changes on two commands that operate with Meroxa Connectors.

Creating connectors

Creating connectors now requires you to specify a pipeline associated. We're favoring implicitness over being implicit.

$ meroxa connectors create --from postgres --input $INPUT --pipeline my-pipeline
Creating connector "connector-123" in pipeline "my-pipeline"...)

Updating connectors

When updating connectors, you can now also update a connector name and its configuration:

$ meroxa connectors update connector-name --name new-connector-name --config '{"":"public.copy"}'
Updating connector "connector-name"...
Connector "connector-name" successfully updated!

To see everything you can update on a connector, run:

$ meroxa help connectors update

To get the latest on the CLI, check out the Installation Guide.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at or reach out to us on Twitter.