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New CLI config command

· One min read

With Meroxa CLI version v1.1.0, we're introducing a new config command that lets users manage their Meroxa CLI configuration:

$ meroxa config # or `meroxa cfg`

To show its content, you can run:

$ meroxa config describe # or `meroxa cfg describe`

When not using the --json flag, both the access_token and refresh_token are presented obfuscated.

The use of a --json flag gives support for better integration with other tools such as jq.

For example, to use it with our Terraform Provider, you could export your access_token by doing:

$ export MEROXA_TOKEN=`meroxa config describe --json | jq -r .config.access_token`

To list all available commands regarding your CLI configuration you can run:

$ meroxa help config # or `meroxa help cfg`

To get the latest on the CLI, check out the Installation Guide.