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Meroxa CLI v.0.9.0 is GA

· One min read

We launched Meroxa CLI v0.9.0.

This release introduces new commands that follow the popular CLI structure of subject-verb-object:

$ meroxa [resource, connector, etc.] [action]

With this update, we are also deprecating those that didn't respect this design.

For example, while listing resources, you would previously run:

$ meroxa list resources

Now, you run:

$ meroxa resources list

Along with this change, we streamlined some commands. For example, you can list resources using ls:

$ meroxa resources ls

You can use meroxa help resources list to browse the new commands.

Meroxa List Resource Types

We know changing habits is hard, so we'll continue supporting the commands you're familiar with for the time being.

However, if you do use an older command, you'll start to see some warnings indicating the command you should start using from now on.

We will continue to make things more intuitive and easier to use over time.

To get started with the CLI, check out the Installation Guide.