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Amazon Redshift

The Conduit Platform by default supports Amazon Redshift as a source and a destination.

The Amazon Redshift destination can connect to and produce records to a table.

Required Configurations

dsnData source name (DSN) to connect to Redshift. Example: redshift://username:password@redshift-cluster-endpoint:5439/databaseYes
tableThe table the destination connector should write to, by default. Example: ordersYes

Looking for something else? See advanced configurations.

Upsert Behavior

The destination connector takes an sdk.Record and parses it into a valid SQL query.

Note: Redshift does not support map or slice types and will be stored as marshaled strings.

Key handling

  • When inserting records (i.e. when the CDC operation is CREATE or snapshot) the key is ignored.
  • When updating records (i.e. when the CDC operations is UPDATE):
    • If the record key exists, it is expected to be structured.
    • If the record key doesn't exist, then it will be built from the keyColumns in the payload's After field.
  • When deleting records (i.e. when the CDC operation is DELETE) the key is required.

Table name

Records are written to the table specified by the redshift.table property in the metadata, if it exists. If not, the connector will fall back to the table configured in the connector.

Advanced Configurations

keyColumnsComma-separated list of column names to build the sdk.Record.Key. Learn more: Key handling.No