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You can easily manage deployments using the Meroxa CLI.

To proceed with the following guide, you must have already developed your application and created resources in Meroxa.


If Meroxa resources have not been configured, you will recieve an error when attempting to deploy your data app to Meroxa.

Prepare for deployment

Now that your data app is running locally, the next step is to prepare it for deployment. The Turbine application framework uses Git. Upon initializing your application, the Meroxa platform initializes a Git repository on your behalf to track your codebase. Your application codebase must be committed to a Git repository to be able to deploy.

Before deploying, you must commit to your local project Git repository.

$ git add . 
$ git commit -m "First commit"

5 files changed, 18 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 .gitignore
create mode 100644
create mode 100644 app.json
create mode 100644 fixtures/.gitkeep
create mode 100644 index.js

Deploy your data application

Use the meroxa app deploy command to deploy to Meroxa.

$ m app deploy
Checking for uncommitted changes...
✔ No uncommitted changes!
Validating branch...
✔ Deployment allowed from master branch!
Preparing application "liveapp" (language) for deployment...
✔ Application built!
✔ No need to create process image...
Deploying application "liveapp"...
✔ Deploy complete!
✔ Application "liveapp" successfully created!
✨ To visualize your application visit

If you run into any issues, see common errors.