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Installation Guide

Package Managers

The Meroxa CLI can be installed and updated using the following operating system package managers:

Install via Homebrew (macOS/Linux)

  1. If you haven't, download and install Homebrew.

  2. Run the brew tap and brew install commands:

brew tap meroxa/taps && brew install meroxa
  1. Verify that meroxa was installed correctly with meroxa version:
meroxa version 

If you see the following output, you're ready to Get Started:

meroxa/2.8.1 darwin/amd64

Upgrade to latest release (MacOS/Linux)

If you have installed the Meroxa CLI via Homebrew, run the following command to upgrade to the latest CLI version:

brew upgrade meroxa

Pre-built Binaries (Cross Platform)

Meroxa currently provides pre-built binaries for the following:

  • macOS (Darwin) for x64, i386,
  • Windows
  • Linux

You can download any of our generic and nightly build releases here:

Meroxa CLI Releases

Installing Binary onMacOS / Linux

Once downloaded, there are two common ways to install. You can place the binary in either of the following directories:

  • /usr/local/bin
  • $HOME/bin

Using /usr/local/bin:

# switch directory
cd /usr/local/bin

# extract the tarball
tar xopf ~/Downloads/meroxa_2.8.1_Darwin_x86_64.tar

# verify installation
meroxa version

Using $HOME/bin:

# create the directory if needed
mkdir -p $HOME/bin
# make it the working directory
cd $HOME/bin
# extract the tarball
tar xopf ~/Downloads/meroxa_2.8.1_Darwin_x86_64.tar
# verify installation
./meroxa version

To run meroxa without the ./, you will need to add $HOME/bin to your $PATH. Here is how you do that:

  1. Determine your default shell (zsh or bash).
echo $SHELL
  1. Edit your shell profile.

If your default shell is zsh:

nano ~/.zshrc

If your default shell is bash:

nano ~/.bash_profile
  1. In ~/.zshrc or ~/.bash_profile add the following line to the file:
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin
  1. Save the file by pressing Control-X, then Y.

  2. Close the terminal and open a new terminal to pick up the changes to your profile. Verify the change by running the meroxa version command.