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meroxa apps remove

meroxa apps remove

Remove a Conduit Data Application


This command will remove the Application specified in '--path' (or current working directory if not specified) previously deployed on our Meroxa Platform, or the Application specified by the given name or UUID identifier.

meroxa apps remove [NameOrUUID] [--path pwd] [flags]


meroxa apps remove # assumes that the Application is in the current directory
meroxa apps remove --path /my/app
meroxa apps remove NAME


  -f, --force         skip confirmation
  -h, --help          help for remove
      --path string   Path to the app directory (default is local directory)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --cli-config-file string   meroxa configuration file
      --debug                    display any debugging information
      --json                     output json
      --timeout duration         set the duration of the client timeout in seconds (default 10s)