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Remove Applications

You can remove a Turbine Data Application

Removing your Turbine Data Application instance can be done through either the CLI or the Meroxa Dashboard.

Remove Applications from the CLI

To remove your Turbine Data Application from the command line, use the meroxa apps remove command:

$ meroxa apps remove liveapp

To proceed, type "liveapp" or re-run this command with --force
▸ liveapp
Removing app "liveapp"...
App "liveapp" successfully removed

Remove Applications from the Dashboard

You can also remove an already existing Turbine Data Application instance from the Meroxa Dashboard in just a few clicks.

Visit the application overview and toggle the view for the app you'd like to delete:

Meroxa Dashboard: App overview page Meroxa Dashboard: App overview page with a single application toggled out

Click Delete Application and confirm your action by typing in the name of your Turbine Data Application:

Meroxa Dashboard: Confirmation dialog for deleting an application

Alternatively, you can also delete your Turbine Data Application directly from its detail view:

Meroxa Dashboard: App Detail View including the Delete Application action

Redeploying your Application

After removing your Turbine Data Application, you may want to make changes to your app configuration and run the new, modified app instance on the platform.

To do so, you can start another deployment from the CLI.