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Getting started with Turbine

Turbine is a data application framework for building server-side applications that are event-driven, respond to data in real-time, and scale using cloud-native best practices.

Today, we support applications developed with the following programming languages:

This guide will bring you through the steps to initialize, develop, deploy, and release using our application framework within a fraction of the time similar projects typically take.


  1. Sign up for a Meroxa account here.
  2. Install the latest Meroxa Command Line Interface (CLI). Refer to our installation guide for all available install and update methods.
  3. Authenticate and log in to your Meroxa account.
$ meroxa login

You will now be taken to your browser for authentication or open the URL below in a browser.
  1. Ensure Git is installed and set up locally on your machine. You can check by running git --version. If not installed, refer to the following installation and set up guides:

Create resources

Before initializing a data application, make sure to configure resources.

Resources are reusable configurations on the Meroxa Platform used to connect your data. Resources can be used upstream (as a data source) or downstream (as a data destination) in your data application.

Check out the resource overview for more information on how to create resources.

Initialize your data application

Once you have completed the setup steps and created resources, you are ready to initialize your data application.

Upon initialization, Turbine automatically scaffolds a codebase in an empty Git repository. Because the application framework uses Git to manage deployments and releases, you must track your codebase and commit before deploying.


Use the meroxa apps init command and provide a name, language, and local path for your data application.

# You can use the alias `js` in place of `javascript`.
$ meroxa apps init liveapp --lang js --path ~/apps
  ✔ Application directory created!
  ✔ Git initialized successfully!
Turbine Data Application successfully initialized!
You can start interacting with Meroxa in your app located at "/path/to/liveapp".
Your Application will not be visible in the Meroxa Dashboard until after deployment.

Note: To default the local path to your current directory, omit the --path argument.

What's Next?

Once you have initialized your data application, you're ready to start developing!

Start developing your data application in any of the following supported programming languages: