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App Visualization

Once a Turbine data app has been deployed to the Meroxa Platform, it can be visualized in the Meroxa Dashboard.

The visualization describes the components created to run the Turbine data app on the platform as well as the directional flow of data.

Visualizing Turbine streaming apps

Here is an example app visualization for a demo Turbine data app:

Turbine App Visualization: App Detail Overview

Source & Destination Nodes

Each node that represents a Source or any Destinations created for the Turbine data app can be clicked. By clicking the node, you introduce a side panel which provides more detail about the Resource including state, type (connection type), collection (e.g. tables, collections, buckets, etc.), and last updated.

Here is an example from the app visualization of a Source node:

Turbine App Visualization: Source Node Details

Here is an example from the app visualization of a Destination node:

Turbine App Visualization: Destination Node Details

Function Node

The node created for the Function communicates the state of the Function on the Meroxa Platform.

Here is an example from the app visualization of the Function node:

Turbine App Visualization: Function Node Details

How to Access

You can navigate to the Turbine data app visualization using the Meroxa CLI and directly through the Meroxa Dashboard.

To access the app visualization for your Turbine data app using the CLI, use `meroxa apps describe` in the local project directory.

If you are working outside of the Turbine data app local project directory, simply add the application name to the end of the command. Like so, meroxa apps describe liveapp.

$ meroxa apps describe

You will see the following output which will include a URL to the dashboard that will bring you to the app visualization.

$ meroxa apps describe
    UUID:   123ab456-c7d8-91e0-fghi-j12k34lm56n
   Name:   liveapp
Language:   javascript
Git SHA:   ab1234c567de8910f1234g567891011h12i13j0k
Created At:   2022-11-16 19:22:26 +0000 UTC
Updated At:   2022-11-16 19:22:26 +0000 UTC
    State:   running
    pgdb (jdbc-destination)
        UUID:   12c228be-523c-477b-b4b5-2d25f6d05e8a
        Type:   postgres
        State:   running
    pgdb (debezium-pg-source)
        UUID:   98z765yx-432w-109v-u8t7-6s54r3q21p0o
        Type:   postgres
        State:   running

        UUID:   1a234bc-d567-8910-ef12-3456gh78ij90
        State:   running

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