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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source, object-relational database system.

Resource Setup

Configure a PostgreSQL resource on the Meroxa Platform to securely abstract database credentials away from development. The Turbine application framework can leverage a PostgreSQL resource upstream as a source or downstream as a destination.


To use a PostgreSQL reource with a Turbine streaming application, it must be accessible to the Meroxa Platform by using any of the following secure methods:

Resource Configuration

To connect to your PostgreSQL database, first configure a PostgreSQL resource on the platform via the Meroxa Dashboard or CLI.

To create a new PostgreSQL resource on the platform use the meroxa resource create command. The following example shows how to configure a PostgreSQL database as a resource named pg_db using the Meroxa CLI.

$ meroxa resource create pg_db \
--type postgres \
--url postgres://username:[email protected]:port/database

Enabling Logical Replication

The following example shows you how to enable logical replication. You will to pass through the configuration using the metadata flag when creating the PostreSQL resource. This is required if you wish to utilize Change Data Capture (CDC) with PostgreSQL as a source to your Turbine streaming application.

$ meroxa resource create pg_db_logical \
--type postgres \
--url postgres://username:[email protected]:port/database
--metadata '{"logical_replication":"true"}'

Optional Configurations

You can include additional configurations to your PostgreSQL resource depending on your database configuration and capabilities. Simply include any of the following relevant configurations in the meroxa resource create command after providing the --url.

--ca-cert string           trusted certificates for verifying resource
--client-cert string       client certificate for authenticating to the resource
--client-key string        client private key for authenticating to the resource
--env string               environment (name or UUID) where resource will be created
    -h, --help             help for create
    -m, --metadata         string resource metadata
--password string          password
--ssh-private-key string   SSH tunneling private key
--ssh-url string           SSH tunneling address
--ssl                      use SSL

The following depicts an example of how to configure the PostgreSQL resource with SSL disabled:

$ meroxa resource create pg_db \
--type postgres \
--url postgres://username:[email protected]:5432/database \
--ssl false