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Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a Google Cloud managed data warehouse designed to help store and analyze big data. It can be used as a downstream resource in your Turbine streaming apps by using the write function to select table in a dataset.



You must have a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account that has billing enabled for BigQuery.

  1. Create a new GCP Service Account to create a secure authentication Meroxa.

  2. Give the Service Account the role of BigQuery Data Editor and BigQuery Job User.

Meroxa BigQuery Permissons
  1. Create a Service Account Key and download the credentials JSON file. You will need this file when creating the resource.

  2. Create a BigQuery dataset that will contain destination data:

Create BigQuery Dataset for Meroxa

In the screenshot above, a dataset named meroxa is being created. You will need the dataset name when adding the resource.


To add a BigQuery resource, you will need the following credentials:

Resource Configuration

Use the meroxa resource create command to configure your Google BigQuery resource.

The following example depicts how this command is used to create a Google BigQuery resource named mybigquery with the minimum configuration required.

$ meroxa resource create mybigquery \
--type bigquery \
--url "bigquery://$GCP_PROJECT_ID/$GCP_DATASET_NAME" \
--client-key "$(cat $GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_JSON_FILE)"

In the example above, replace the following variables with valid credentials from your Google BigQuery environment:

  • $GCP_PROJECT_ID - Google Cloud Project ID
  • $GCP_DATASET_NAME - Your BigQuery dataset name. GCP console will indicate your dataset ID as "project_id.dataset_name". Just include your dataset name here (see BigQuery Setup).
  • $GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_JSON_FILE - Valid Service Account credentials with access to BigQuery (see Prerequisites)