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Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a cloud data warehouse product offered by Amazon Web Services. It can be used as a downstream resource in your Turbine streaming apps by using the write function to a select table in a database.


Resource Configuration

Use the meroxa resource create command to configure your Amazon Redshift resource.

The following example depicts how this command is used to create an Amazon Redshift resource named warehouse with the minimum configuration required.

$ meroxa resource create warehouse \
--type redshift \

In the command above, replace the following variables with valid credentials from your Redshift environment:

  • $REDSHIFT_USER - Redshift Username
  • $REDSHIFT_PASS - Redshift Password
  • $REDSHIFT_URL - Redshift URL
  • $REDSHIFT_DB - Redshift Database Name
  • $REDSHIFT_PORT - Redshift Port (e.g., 5439).

Configuration Options

The following configuration is supported for this resource:

ConfigurationDestination format string for the destination table name, which may contain '${topic}' as a placeholder for the originating stream name.