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To access your account settings click on your Profile Icon located on the top right corner in the dashboard and click on Settings.


Under your Profile tab, you can edit your First Name, Last Name, Email and Password. Click Edit Profile to make any changes or to change your password.

account profile

Note: You do not need to update or change password if you are not using username and password to login to Meroxa.


Under the Account tab, you can change or update the name of your account by clicking on Edit Account.

account tab

By default, your account will be named after your [your email's] Account.


Under the Users tab, you can invite and manage users in the account.

users tab

User Status

  • Active: User has accepted invite and logged into Meroxa
  • Pending: User has been sent an invite but has not accepted invite or completed steps to join the account
  • Invite Expired: Invite sent to user has expired (7 days)

Removing user

To remove users from the table, you can click on the overflow menu next to the user status and select Remove User. Only Active users can be removed.

User access


All users in the account will be able to add, edit, access, and remove resources available in the account.


All users in the account can add applications, view applications deployed in the account and remove existing applications. Once an application is deployed, everyone in the account will be able to view and manage that application.


All users in the account will be able to access and edit the Account Settings which includes the Account, Users, and Billing tabs.


Under your Billing tab, you can add payment, view plans, and download invoices for the account.