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SQL Server Setup

Here is everything you need to do before creating a SQL Server resource.


We support the following SQL Server environments:

The Meroxa Platform has been tested against the following SQL Server versions: SQL Server 2012 - 2019


To setup SQL Server, follow these steps:

  1. Before you can add, the SQL Server instance needs to be accessible by Meroxa. You may:

  2. Enable Change Data Capture:

For changes to be captured, CDC support must be enabled for the SQL Server database and every table.


To enable CDC to a database named meroxa, run the following SQL commands:

-- ====  -- Enable Database for CDC template   -- ====  USE meroxa  GO  EXEC sys.sp_cdc_enable_db  GO  


To enable CDC to a table named dbo.User, run the following SQL commands:

-- ====-- Enable CDC on table 'User' in 'dbo' schema-- ====exec sys.sp_cdc_enable_table  @source_schema = 'dbo',  @source_name = 'User',  @role_name = NULLGO


You may verify if you have CDC enabled for a given table or database using the following commands:

-- ====-- Check if CDC is enabled for databases-- ====SELECT name, is_cdc_enabled FROM sys.databases;GO
-- ====-- Check if CDC is enabled for tables-- ====SELECT name, is_tracked_by_cdc FROM sys.tables;GO
  1. After you've enabled CDC for your databases and tables, you are now ready to add your SQL Server resource to Meroxa.