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Create MySQL Source

The MySQL source is a Change Data Capture connector that leverages MySQL's Binary Log. This connector will perform an initial snapshot of the data. Then, it will stream every INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE operation and push the events into a Meroxa stream.

Before creating a source connector:

  1. Setup - Setup your MySQL instance and acquire the credentials needed to talk to Meroxa.
  2. Add Resource - Add a MySQL resource to your Meroxa Resource.


The input of MySQL is a table name.

Creating Connector#

Then, to configure MySQL as a source:

First, you must create a new pipeline.

Then, using the CLI, you can run the following command to add a new source to a pipeline:

meroxa connector create to-mysql-connector \ --from my-mysql \ --input Users \ --pipeline my-pipeline

The command above creates a new source connector called to-mysql-connector, sets the source to a resource named my-mysql, and configures the input.