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Data Warehouse Ingestion

With Meroxa, a user can pull data from any Meroxa source and ingest to a data warehouse in real-time.

Data Ingestion Diagram

You may want to load data into a data warehouse to:

  • Collect and analyze data to learn how users are interacting with your product.
  • Build a centralized repositiory of data and insights.
  • Access and reporting on historical data to compare KPIs over-time.

Supported Data Warehouses

Meroxa supports the following data warehouses:

Why Meroxa

Here is why Meroxa is great for data warehouse ingestion:

  • Developer Experience - Build pipelines in an environment that works best for you: Low-Code Dashboard, CLI, or Terraform.
  • Managed - Our platform removes the time and overhead associated with configuring and managing brokers, connectors, transforms, functions, and streaming infrastructure.
  • Change Data Capture (CDC) - Capturing every change of one datastore and applying these changes allows for seamless replication and mirroring to a data warehosue .

Guides and Resources

Here are resources to perform data warehouse ingestion with Meroxa: