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Building Pipelines with the CLI

The Meroxa CLI is a powerful way to build data pipelines. With the CLI, you may build pipelines in your terminal, and automate or script your pipelines.


Getting Started

To get started using the Meroxa CLI, check out the Installation Guide.

The CLI is also open source, and you can find the source code on GitHub.


Here is an example pipeline that will move data from PostgreSQL and ingest into Snowflake.

# Add Postgres Resource
$ meroxa resource add my-postgres --type postgres -u postgres://$PG_USER:$PG_PASS@$PG_URL:$PG_PORT/$PG_DB

# Add Snowflake Resource
$ meroxa resource add my-snowflake --type snowflakedb --url snowflake://$SNOWFLAKE_URL/meroxa_db/stream_data --username meroxa_user --password $SNOWFLAKE_PRIVATE_KEY

# The PostgreSQL connector will capture CDC events for
# every insert, update and delete operation from a Postgres table.
$ meroxa connector create from-my-postgres --from my-postgres --input $INPUT

# The Snowflake connector will send data to a warehouse in Snowflake.

$ meroxa connector create to-my-snowflake --to my-snowflake --input $STREAM_NAME

You may view a full example in the Getting Started Guide.