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Environments (Beta)

If you are not already part of the beta, you can request access here.

Environments is a feature of the Meroxa platform that allows you to create a network isolated instance of Meroxa while still easing the burden of deploying and managing that environment. This allows you to create partitions for such use cases as security requirements, data residency, compliance or isolating development resources e.g. dev, test, staging, production.

There are 3 types of Meroxa Environments:

  • Common (GA) - The Common Environment is the currently publicly available SaSS offering. This Environment is multi-tenat and fully owned and operated by Meroxa. There are security measures in place to keep customer data private but each instance is not fully network isolated.

Common Meroxa Environment

  • Self-Hosted (Beta) - This type of Environment is a fully network partitioned and is deployed into a VPC within your own Cloud provider account. It is managed and supported by Meroxa remotely. You might use this type of Environment if you had a requirement to keep the data in a particular geographic region or within a particular Cloud provider account.

Self-Hosted Meroxa Environment

  • Private (TBA) - The Private Environment is an option for those that would like the benefits of a single tenant environment but would like Meroxa to fully host and manage it. This option is coming in the near future.


  • A Meroxa user account that is added to the beta.
    • You can request to be added to the beta via this form.
  • A user-specific AWS account that has access to an AWS Management Console.
  • Enough capacity in your AWS account to create the needed Environments (VPCs). Each Meroxa Environment will create 1 VPC and 3 Elastic IPs.
  • An IAM user with the necessary permissions to provision environments (Meroxa can support you through this).

💡 An installed version of Meroxa CLI v1.5+ (if you are using the CLI).