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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source object-relational database system. As a Meroxa destination, you can capture events from any source and populate a table within a PostgreSQL in real-time.


We support the following PostgreSQL environments:

The Meroxa Platform has been tested against the following PostgreSQL versions:

  • 9.6.x
  • 10.x
  • 11.x
  • 12.x

Adding Resource

To add a PostgreSQL resource with Logical Replication enabled:

meroxa resource add postgresDB --type postgres -u postgres://$PG_USER:$PG_PASS@$PG_URL:$PG_PORT/$PG_DB

postgresDB is a human-friendly name to represent the resource within Meroxa. Feel free to change as desired.

In the command above, replace the following variables with valid credentials from your PostgreSQL environment:

  • $PG_USER - PostgreSQL Username
  • $PG_PASS - PostgreSQL Password
  • $PG_URL - PostgreSQL URL
  • $PG_DB - PostgreSQL Database Name
  • $PG_PORT - PostgreSQL Port (e.g., 5432).

Destination Configuration

To configure Postgres as a destination:

meroxa connector create to-pg --to postgresDB --input $STREAM_NAME

The command above creates a new Connector called to-pg, sets the destination to a resource named postgresDB and configures the Input Stream.