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Add MySQL Resource

This guide will walkthrough adding a MySQL resource to Meroxa. Before adding, see MySQL Setup.


To add a MySQL resource, you will need an Access URL:

The Access URL contains the credentials needed to access your instance:


In the example above, replace following variables with valid credentials from your Postgres environment:

  • $MYSQL_USER - MySQL Username
  • $MYSQL_PASS - MySQL Password
  • $MYSQL_DB - MySQL Database Name
  • $MYSQL_PORT - MySQL Port (e.g., 5432).

Adding Resource#

Using the CLI, you can run the following command to add a new resource:

meroxa resource add my-mysql \--type mysql \--url mysql://$MYSQL_USER:$MYSQL_PASS@$MYSQL_URL:$MYSQL_PORT/$MYSQL_DB \

In the command above, replace the following variables with valid credentials from your MySQL environment.

You can view your resource with meroxa resource ls or in the Dashboard.