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What is Meroxa?

Meroxa is a real-time data platform that gives data teams the tools they need to build real-time infrastructure in minutes, not months. Using Meroxa to reduce complexity and enable self-service capabilities, your team will be able to spend less time on mundane tasks and much more time focusing on the projects that matter.

Our customers use Meroxa to do the following:

  • Real-time data warehouse sync for analytics and dashboard visualizations.
  • Archival of raw records into a data lake for model training/active learning.
  • Processing data in real-time ensures it reaches the destination in the proper format without introducing latency or complexity with external tools.
  • From a custom service, programmatically listen and receive data from a pipeline.

What is a Pipeline?

A data pipeline is a collection of data components to complete a task. These data components include Resources, Connectors, Streams, Endpoints, and more. Together they allow you to move your data from one place to another.

Every source Connector will emit Data Records into a Stream . Specific sources (e.g., Postgres using Logical Replication) emit change data capture events (inserts, updates, and deletes); out of the box, these sources also support mirroring from source to destination.

Example Use Cases

Here are some example pipelines you can build with Meroxa

Sending CDC data from PostgreSQL to Snowflake and Amazon S3

This is an example pipeline ingest data from PostgreSQL to Snowflake, extend that pipeline to send to Amazon S3, and keep both destinations up to date in real-time. Using Meroxa, we can set up a CDC pipeline to capture every insert, update, and delete and send to both destinations.

For more information:

Sync PostgreSQL and MongoDB

This pipeline assists with migration from PostgreSQL to Mongo. Using Meroxa, we can set up a CDC pipeline to capture every insert, update, and delete and to both databases in sync, in real-time.

For more information:

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What is Meroxa?

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