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meroxa resources update

meroxa resources update#

Update a resource


Use the update command to update various Meroxa resources.

meroxa resources update NAME [flags]


      --ca-cert string       trusted certificates for verifying resource      --client-cert string   client certificate for authenticating to the resource      --client-key string    client private key for authenticating to the resource  -h, --help                 help for update  -m, --metadata string      new resource metadata      --name string          new resource name      --password string      password      --ssh-url string       SSH tunneling address      --ssl                  use SSL  -u, --url string           new resource url      --username string      username

Options inherited from parent commands#

      --cli-config-file string   meroxa configuration file      --debug                    display any debugging information      --json                     output json      --timeout duration         set the duration of the client timeout in seconds (default 10s)