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meroxa config describe

meroxa config describe#

Show Meroxa CLI configuration details


This command will return the content of your configuration file where you could find your access_token and then refresh_token for your meroxa login. They're stored in the home directory on your machine. On Unix, including MacOS, it's stored in $HOME, and on Windows is stored in %USERPROFILE%.

meroxa config describe [flags]


$ meroxa config describeUsing meroxa config located in "/Users/my-name/Library/Application Support/meroxa/config.env
access_token: c0f928b...c337a0dactor: user@email.comactor_uuid: c0f928ba-d40e-40c5-a7fa-cf281c337a0drefresh_token: c337a0d...c0f928b


  -h, --help   help for describe

Options inherited from parent commands#

      --cli-config-file string   meroxa configuration file      --debug                    display any debugging information      --json                     output json      --timeout duration         set the duration of the client timeout in seconds (default 10s)